Naman Agrawal
💼 I'm a front end engineer working on the Connectivity Analytics team at Facebook.
📚 I studied computer science and psychology at Columbia University in New York.
🤝 My experiences so far have shaped my love for data visualization and using technology for social good.
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A quick overview of my favorite coding projects I've gotten to work on.

When What How
Spring '18 U.S. and Arab-Israeli Conflict Timeline
Data viz based on U.S. economic and military aid data (see blog post)
School Front End
Fall '17 Book Recs
Web app using machine learning and GoodReads data to recommend books
School Front End
Summer '17 Facebook
Redesigned the photo albums UI on the mobile website
Work Front End
Spring '17 Lyrics & Popularity
Analysis using machine learning to predict the popularity of a song only from its lyrics
School Back End
Spring '17 Crayon
A graphics programming language design and its compiler
School Back End
Spring '17 Personal Website
This very site, which I made from scratch and love improving
Front End
Fall '16 Alimentos
Web app to find nearby restaurants with Yelp API
School Back End
Summer '16 Vestorly
Built interactive charts to analyze marketing campaigns
Work Front End

A map tracking the 33 countries I've been lucky to explore, with hopefully more to come.